The double diaphragm self-priming pumps of our represented Almatec, made in different materials such as polyethylene (high molecular weight or high density PE), virgin PTFE or AISI 316 stainless steel are suitable for the transfer of acids, corrosive liquids in general, solvents, abrasive liquids or solids containing ones. The PE and PTFE versions are also available with ATEX certification, because the bodies are made of conductive materials. The double diaphragm self-priming pumps Almatec can run dry and they are stall, thanks to the patented air distribution system "PERSWING". The compressed air operating Almatec pumps dispose of all fundamental accessories such as pulsation dampers, stroke counters, membranes break control, drainage system, arrangement for the connection with flanges, barrage rooms, etc ... Safety and reliability are the excellence of this product. Flow-rates from 0.9 to 48 cubic meters / hour. Dry priming ability from 1 to 5 m and up to 9.5 m when triggered.