Manufactured according to DIN 118664/1, 3A, EHEDG, FDA and USDA specifications, ATEX certified, easy disassembly, clean and sterilization. Two models B20 and B32 with maximum flow-rates of 4 and 8 cubic meters/hour, contact parts in AISI 316L stainless steel (polished at 0.8 uM), ≤0,4 µm, PTFE or EPDM (FDA), absence of dead spaces, drainage until last drop with external magnetic lifters, maximum operating temperature 130 °C, dry-running, self-priming. The pump can also be installed on the wall with the only holder rotation. Inlet and outlet connections according to customer requirements. Tri-Clamp - Naue - Neumo ACCESSORIES Biocor, magnetic lifters, room barrage, monitoring of stroke counter membrane rupture for the control of the flow-rate.