The drum pumps Jessberger are ideal for the transfer of IBC, drums, pails or baskets. The full range of electric and pneumatic motors of various levels of protection, also Atex, and the different powers coupled to suction bodies of PP, PVDF, aluminum or stainless steel AISI 316 TI of various lengths allow to pump diluted or concentrated highly corrosive commercial acids, as well as oils, petroleum products, solvents and flammable liquids in general. The drum pumps Jessberger can be composed of the engine and the favorite stem, because they are interchangeable. The laboratory range, suitable for the transfer of small containers such as drums of 50 liters, is completed by the manual pumps in polypropylene, stainless steel, aluminum etc ..., sealed in various materials such as NBR, EPDM and PTFE. Our pumping units, complete of pump, supply hose, dispensing gun and liter counter, allow the user a quick search of the appropriate pump and the related accessories. Our drum pumps are considered as real portable tools and, therefore, they are the easiest and most secure solution for all the needs related to the transfer of dangerous liquids contained in barrels.