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Diaphragm dosing pumps

The diaphragm pumps are volumetric, self-priming, direct diaphragm, with fixed or adjustable flow-rate. These diaphragm pumps are dosing pumps resistant to many chemical liquids also corrosive. They are self-priming and allow a wide range of applications. The membranes made of EPDM, NBR or PTFE have been designed to reduce to the maximum the wear times and consequently maintenance. The diaphragm mechanical pumps are dosing pumps that combine practicality and cheapness of the electric motor to the excellent chemical resistance of the diaphragm dosing pumps.

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Model MA 180/15/120

Model MA 180/15/120

Electric diaphragm pump with spring return with adjustable stroke and, alternatively, with piston rod with positive return. Head in PP (polypropylene),…