SERIES "CXM" (for transfers)

New range CXM. Double diaphragm pneumatic pumps (AODD). As a further development of the range CXR universal pumps Almatec, the new CXM series incorporates all the same advanced features, increasing the operational safety of the pump. Cheap pumps, low/medium capacity AODD. Total safety thanks to its innovative clamping ring structure. The new series CXM is available in four pump sizes with NPT connections (suction and discharge at 90 °) and three dimensions with BSP connections (parallel suction and discharge). This is possible thanks to the modular design of the pumps.
Produced in conductive PE (ATEX). Possible various junctions of materials for membranes and valves. Flow-rates from 10 to 130 l/min.
Simplicity, compactness, maneuverability and flameproof make these compressed air pumps a universal product, which can solve most of the work requirements