In this period of COVID-19 emergency which, unfortunately, we can define as historical, the need for the supply of disinfectant gels, alcohol, ethanol and similar, as well as disinfectants of various kinds and nature, is considerable and often urgent.

In this sense, many companies have been invited to divert their major resources in the production of these disinfectant gels which are also viscous, alcohol and various disinfectants which are also flammable.
In several cases, this race has led to underestimating the risks; some manufacturers had to "invent solutions", also because they were badly recommended, using non-compliant, chemically incompatible pumps, but above all, a truly dangerous thing, not compliant with the regulations set by the European Union regarding flammable liquids, for use in the area classified as dangerous where Atex certified pumps are required, also complying with legislation relating to the transfer and the dosage of cosmetic, pharmaceutical/healthcare, food liquids etc.

We suggest you to consult us to know our Jessberger eccentric screw pumps, horizontal and vertical, for viscous liquids such as disinfectant and flammable gels, the drums and IBC series for alcohol, ethanol, etc., our self-priming pneumatic double-diaphragm pumps Almatec in PTFE and AISI 316 Atex certified, FDA, EC 1935, CIP/SIP, EHEDG, our peristaltic pumps assembled with FDA tubes, the self-priming with flexible impeller pumps in stainless steel AISI 316 and many other products for the transfer of viscous disinfectant fluids for the personal disinfection and sanitization of environments and things.