AGI POMPE - JESSBERGER - Ready-to-use pumping groups

Quickly empty different drums or containers? Urgently transfer chemical products from IBC?
Our ready-to-use Jessberger drum pump sets are the best solution for filling or emptying drums, IBCs, baskets or other containers.
Fast and in perfect safety transfers, for all flammable chemical liquids and/or for use in hazardous areas where Atex certification is required.
These Jessberger pumping units are composed of an electric or pneumatic motor, a suction body, a flexible delivery tube equipped with stainless steel clamps and a dispensing gun.
Possible solutions in different materials for fluids with viscosity up to 1,000 mPas and density 1.9:
- PP, Polypropylene, for aggressive chemicals such as commercial acids, alkalis or detergents
- High quality PVDF, particularly suitable for very aggressive liquids such as concentrated acids and bases
- ALUMINUM for neutral liquids and petroleum products that are difficult to burn
- STAINLESS STEEL used for all neutral, slightly aggressive liquids such as diluted acids, alkalis or detergents; suitable for flammable liquids and usable in various hazardous areas where the operator can work in absolute safety.
All engines and all the suction bodies of our Jessberger drum pumps are interchangeable; this allows you to customize the best set for your needs.
Do you already have a pump set in PP, but you have to transfer a very aggressive concentrated acid? Do not worry!
All our motors and suction bodies are not only interchangeable, but they are assembled by manually tightening a hand wheel without the need of any tools; at any time you can request even one motor or a suction body similar or different from those you already own.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.